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1. Tree of Life – Millennium Monument (StreetView)
Millennium Monument was built by the council of Ňárad in 2001. The artist was György Lipcsey.

2. Pieta (StreetView)
The Pity The statue was made in 1847 by Ferencz Sebő. You can find it at church’s garden next to the main road.

3. 1st and 2nd World War Monument (StreetView)
25 young people died from Ňárad in the 1st world war. We lost 22 young men in the 2nd world war. The monument was built in 1994 by council of Ňárad.

4. Headboard of deportees (StreetView)
79 people from 14 families were deported to Czech Republic in 22 January 1947.

5. Sculpture of St. John the Baptist (StreetView)
The statue of St. John the Baptist is the oldest sculpture in our village. We don’t know the exact date when was it made or who was the artist. The statue was renewed in 1995 and 2014.

6. The Great Cross of Ňárad (StreetView)
The cross stands of the centre of the cemetery. Sebő Benedek and his wife Erzsébet built the cross in 1958. The great cross was renewed in 2014.

7. Cristian Church (StreetView)
You can find our church next to the main road. The church was built in 1939. The church was consecrated in 1939 by Dr. Sály László. The patron siant of the church is Mary.

8. Cross (StreetView)
The cross stands next to the main road in Dókhely which is a historical part of our village. The cross was built by Sándor Puha and his wife Miklós Anna in 1886. The cross was renewed few years ago.